I have enjoyed singing and songwriting since August, 2007, and I have been performing live in the Tokyo and Kanagawa areas.  I was born in Fujisawa city and I now live in Yamato city, Kanagawa pref. with a husband and two (2) dogs (Pomeranian).


In my youth, the song I played organ called “NIGERO” (Let’s scram!) was elected the best song of the school I attended, where I studied electric organ.  During junior and high school, I spent most of my time playing a trombone in the brass band club.  I then became SARAJA and started composing music diligently.


In hopes of helping others, I passed the National examination to become a Laboratory Medical Technologist.  I worked in a general hospital and for a medical equipment manufacturer.


I have been “Singing” since I have been a working adult.  I am fascinated with singing and I work hard to perfect my voice.  I continue to study under Ms. Eri Kojima (professional singer, ANRI’s back chorus).  Eri advised me to write my own songs.  This was the beginning of the singer songwriter known as SARAJA.  I have a strong desire to help others through my music, same as with my medical career.  This is the reason why I continue to sing and write songs!


SARAJA was named by Mr. Muramasa Kudo, Picture Artist, and its meaning comes from the Flower of Sal Tree.  (In Japanese SARA SOU JYU).  Opening lines of Heike Monogatari (The Tale of the Heike), the color of the flowers of Sal Trees, shows the truth that all glories must fade…   Heike Monogatari is a very famous old story in Japan …


My dream…is to share with people an expression of sweet, gentle emotion, and to provide a warm relaxing place for the world to “scram” to, through the one and only SARAJA music!  


team SARAJA Formed in 2018/4, perform live show in Tokyo and Kanagawa area.  Released 1st CD “From MOYAMOYA to WAKUWAKU” in 2019/4

Acoustic SARAJAFormed in 2019/10, perform live show in Tokyo, Kanagawa live bar and street. Small acoustic unit with Guitar and Cajon.  I hope this is a good chance to meet a lot of new people to listen SARAJA.






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interpreted by Carol Williams